USC 2257

Internal Cumbustion Cream Pies 2

Starring: Ben English, Dave Hardman, Jay Ashley, Joel Lawrence, Jon Dough, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Hatcher, Katya Kassin, Katrina, Lauren Phoenix, Sophia, Trinity, Venus, Kathy

Category: Creampie
Director: Danny Case
Studio: Zero Tolerance, 2003
Description: Danny Case is a talented director who is going to sell a lot of movies, and Internal Cumbustion 2 is perfect proof of that because for fans of internal cum shots this is a perfect movie. Danny understands what a fan of this genre wants and delivers six outstandingly consistent scenes focusing on exactly what you want to see- internal cumshots and cumplay. Many "creampie" movies are just regular sex scenes with a creampie at the end of the scene. This movie is all about the creampie and the cumplay, which just happens to have some blistering sex before hand.

If you are a fan of creampies, cumfarting, and cumplay - you better get this movie before you even finishing reading this review; it is that good. Internal Cumbustion 2 is an OUTSTANDING internal cum shot movie.
//reviewed by: Selena Silver. Thanks to Adult DVD Talk!
Scene 1

USC 2257

Starring: Lauren Phoenix, Manuel Ferrara, Ben English

Lauren Phoenix is a very hot blonde who I have been dying to work with; she is DEFINITELY one of the top new starlets of 2003. Not only do I find her SO sexy, but her raw energy during her scenes is just amazing. She can REALLY perform and this scene was pure proof of all of that.

In this scene, she was wearing a matching hot orange see through top and wavy lycra booty shorts. Danny Case gets her to lean up against a pillar and move for us before sending her to get a butt plug to play with us for us. She starts off with the butt plug in her ass and goes to work over a glass table. Danny likes to shoot through glass and managed to capture the butt plug going in both her ass and her pussy from underneath the glass - great angle! After almost 6 minutes of tease and dildo play, the boys enter the frame - both naked and with rigid, hard cocks. She starts to suck those cocks...

She gave a fantastic, feverish blowjob - it is off the charts. Loved the energy, the noise, the spit, and her ability to take those 2 huge cocks down her throat the way she did. Wow. Manuel fucks her pussy and her ass first while Ben throat-fucks her.

Wait till you see her take Manuel's piston pumping in the reverse cowgirl anal position (with her feet sexily up on his legs). Then Ben adds his cock to her pussy and the two guys just whale on her in a feverish DP. Loved listening to her while they pounded her - that was raw sex sound - nothing fake there. And what a pounding this girl can take!

After being fucked in a DP trading the guys in her ass and pussy in multiple positions and taking a pounding in her ass while she sucked cock for 20 minutes, she was socked in sweat, but she hadn't lost any energy. I loved her 2-Cock blowjob close to the end of the scene- she was just attacking those 2 cocks like a starving woman who hadn't eaten in days.

Ben English comes first in her pussy and the camera gets up nice and close so you can watch her squeeze it out; the cum drips into a glass bowl. Manuel comes next in her asshole and she squeezes out that cum into the bowl as well. Then she sits back on the couch and digs in her pussy and ass for any cum she missed and sucked it off her fingers.

Great fucking scene! You aren't really ready for it to end; it moves that fast. This is a top-notch 3-way.

Best Line in the Scene:
Danny Case: "Are you going to be a nasty fucking slut for me today?"

Scene 2

USC 2257

Starring: Trinity, Dave Hardman

Trinity is another long-legged beauty, but she has dark hair instead of blonde. She is wearing a black G-String with a metal bangle belt, black heels, a matching bangle neck choker, and what looks like a blue mesh top. Danny starts her off with his tease play - talking to her in his quiet voice - instructing her. He makes her play with both her pussy and her asshole with her fingers before she begs him for some cock.

She gives a blow job that is almost an opposite style from the scene before hers. Trinity almost worships the cock and slowly works it in a loving manner. It isn't the feverish performance Lauren just gave, but it works equally well.

After some nice warm-up vaginal sex, we get to the highlight of her scene: reverse cowgirl anal with her bare feet up on Dave Hardman's legs. There is a segment in the scene where she is on her back with her ass at the edge of the couch and her legs almost back to her head. Dave fucks her ass and then brings his cock up to her mouth for some A2M over and over and over. Fans of A2M will enjoy that. Then as he builds up for the cum shot he "slides" back and forth from the asshole to the pussy.

He cums inside her pussy and she squeezes it out so that it drips into a wine glass. Danny Case spends a LONG time filming her pussy and the cumfarting and the dripping cum as she moans and squeezes more and more out.. Fans of creampies and cumfarting will LOVE how long you get to watch this. Then Dave comes a second time in her mouth. Then there is an incredibly TIGHT shot of her pussy which fills the entire screen and you see her muscles contracting and twitching as she squeezes. You see the cum all over her pussy so well you can almost smell it. The camera fades to black as her hand goes inside her pussy.

This is a creampie scene that actually focused on the creampie, cumfarting, and the cum. Wow.

This scene has a much calmer pace than the scene before and after it and that change of pace really worked.

An interesting point of view to this tight-up shooting style- in this scene you never see the guy's face and you barely see any of his body. It is absolutely as much of just an anonymous cock fucking a girl as you can get.

Best Line in the Scene:
Trinity: "Please, can I have some cock?"

Scene 3

USC 2257

Starring: Sophia, Joel Lawrence, Dave Hardman

Sophia is a blonde who is wearing a white mesh midriff and white mesh panties with a pink edging; she has pink and clear stilettos and a matching pink collar with metal spikes. She is standing on a staircase and as the camera begins to zoom in on her we can see she has a pink butt plug in her ass under her panties. Danny makes her walk upstairs and lay down on a couch to play with her butt plug and tease us. Then tells her to close her eyes and make a wish. She opens them to two cocks...

In a VERY impressive opener she spends some time with both cocks in her mouth at once - not the "looks like two dicks in your mouth" move that you usually see - they are both in there. Wow.

She starts off riding Joey and really moving - she is fucking him not just sitting there being fucked. She works on the other cock with her mouth while she gets fucked. Lots of great energy. The pace slows down a little while they fuck her in the ass. She is in my favorite position - one guy behind her doggie fucking her, while the other is front of her getting his cock sucked. Plenty of A2M. Then some very solid DP action.


She lies back to take her "internal cumbustions". Dave comes in her pussy and she cum farts it out. Then Joey enters her pussy with the first cum still hot and fucks her until he cums in her pussy as well. Then one guy is back in her pussy sliding in and out of the hot cum already there and cumming for a second time in her pussy; then the other guy is back in her pussy and cumming again. Together the two males cum a total of four times in her pussy one after another.

The camera stays on her as she plays with her pussy and her cum - it drips slowly off her like a melting icicle. You see it move from her pussy to her ass and then to the couch. Then believe it or not she takes the THIRD cumshot of the scene from both guys - this time to her mouth so she has something to taste and swallow. And then are you kidding me??? - A FOURTH cumshot from one of the guys into her mouth. Two guys = 7 cumshots. Four in her pussy and three in her mouth.

The scene fades out as the camera zooms in for a VERY tight close up of her pussy and we look inside for a moment before it goes black.

I know there are a lot of people that have been asking for guys to unload in a girl over and over; I have seen a lot of requests for a guy to enter and fuck a girl after another guy has already cum inside her. Well, Danny Case delivered that for you here. Over and over again.

Best Line in the Scene:
Sophia: "I sucked 15 guys off at one party."

Scene 4

USC 2257

Starring: Katya Kassin, Jon Dough

Katja - the red-haired dynamo from Germany - is wearing black and white "flame" bottoms and a black mesh see through midriff with black high heels. She starts the scene by seriously shaking her ass for the camera before spanking it over and over again. Danny really focuses on her ass in his opening tease. How do I describe Katja? She is just a completely sexual person; she is so, so sexy. Finally, she gets her wish and a cock enters the screen (which she starts to suck).

And, boy... can she suck cock. I love watching her suck cock! And, of course, Danny shot from behind her with her standing bent over the cock to show her ass off even more. When they start fucking she is in the cowgirl position and again Danny is shooting from behind - highlighting her behind. And true to the theme of the movie, soon she is in the reverse cowgirl position taking it up the ass with her feet up on his legs.

Then to top that- they put Katja in the position she should be in to really show off her ass- the sideways spoon anal position. Here, here as is 80% of the screen (the camera is that tight).

He cums insider her ass and she works to push it out. She got a GREAT stream going!

This is a very solid scene with another top-notch performance by Katja.

Best Line in the Scene:
Danny Case: "That's a Bad Ass!".

Scene 5

USC 2257

Starring: Katrina, Jay Ashley, Steve Hatcher, Dave Hardman

Katrina is a blonde wearing a full body mesh stocking with the ass and pussy cut out of it and white heels; she also has a pink butt plug in her ass. She goes to work in a serious pre-scene masturbation/ass dildo scene. Then she asks to gag on some cock...

Suddenly she has some cocks to gag on. Almost instantly she has a cock fucking her pussy and she is gagging on a cock with another in her hand. Between the cock-sucking, ball-licking, tatty-fucking, finger-fucking, deep-throating - I almost didn't know where to turn until...suddenly she was squirting (which I LOVE to watch).

There is a VERY hot tag-team DP where they rotate and change out the guys fucking the pussy. After a hell of a DP pounding, they flip her over so they can make her 3-holes AIRTIGHT. They also got in something I love to watch - sliding - where the guy moves back from her ass to her pussy to her ass to her pussy.

This scene is a total fuck fest. You almost don't know where to look - there were three guys fucking the shit out of her the whole scene and she takes it well.

What really stood out to me about this scene was Katrina's desire to gag on cocks. Through the entire scene she kept putting the cocks deep inside her throat - she actually craves it. That was really hot.

Best Line in the Scene:
Katrina: "Fuck my ass, you fuck!"

Scene 6

USC 2257

Starring: Venus, Ben English, Manuel Ferrara

Venus was wearing black mesh thigh-high stockings, a little black mesh skirt, black heels, and a great silver corset/bra. She starts off by fucking her asshole with 4 fingers - then her pussy. She takes a glass dildo in her ass and starts riding it up and down begging for dick. Danny finally gives in and lets her have her dick...

There is some vaginal sex, but very quickly she moves into a DP - where they pound here with their huge cocks. Manuel sets up some very nice gapes. Then in some very unique fucking - Manuel fucks her ass in the reverse cowgirl position - raises her up for a gape and Ben English pierces her gape and fucks her asshole. Then they do it again, and again.

Manuel gets her in the doggie up and over position and fucks her ass hard while she sucks his toes. Then it is back to sharing her. And they fuck her hard.

This entire movie is filled with very strong performances by the guys - the girls get absolutely pounded; but even in this movie this scene stands out for the intensity in which Manuel and Ben fuck her ass.

Ben comes first - and it is in her pussy. Manuel follows by coming in her ass. And again, in trademark Internal Cumbustion style - there is serious cumplay and finger play with her pussy and asshole with extreme camera close-ups.

Great fucking scene!

Best Line in the Scene:
Danny Case: "Yeah, fuck it, fuck it...get mad at it!"

Behind The Scenes

USC 2257

Starring: Ben English, Dave Hardman, Jay Ashley, Joel Lawrence, Jon Dough, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Hatcher, Katya Kassin, Katrina, Lauren Phoenix, Sophia, Trinity, Venus, Kathy
Description: Behind the Scenes DVD Feature.

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